Video recordings from USNAC 2018.  Monday (devoted to physioloical episode updates) and Tuesday.  Presentations included:


Aeromedical PE Response - Panel Discussion

Comprehensive Review of Physiologic Episodes and Panel Discussion

Global Health Engagement Overview

Historical Perspectives of Aviation Physiology

How Did They Get an Aircraft Carrier in Lake Michigan?

Law Enforcement USe of Aviation

Physiologic Episode Research Panel

Safety Center Brief of Physiologic Episodes

Spaceflights Associated Neuroocular Syndrome

The Body Electric

The Use of Cognitive Testing and Physiologic Episodes

Welcome Aboard Keynote Speaker - RDML Joyner

When to Consider Hyperbaric Treatment for Physiologic Episodes


11.25 units of category 1 CME included!


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USNAC 2018 Video Recordings/11.25 units CME

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